Femslash Kink Exchange 2021 - Letter

Dear Creator,

Hello! This is my first time doing this exchange, and I'm so excited! I'm Roissy on ao3.

I do not have a lot of DNWs and I'm very chill with a lot of stuff. I tend to prefer the darker side of smut but very open to less darker stuff. So Don't worry if my 'Likes' are not up your alley, as long as you matched with even just one of the additional tags I requested we are golden!


  • No character death. (even if it's in canon). I prefer my porn without death involved (so no snuff, no necrophilia, no references to how this or that character is dead)
  • No high school / college AUs
  • No feederism / stuffing / food-centered kinks
  • Things with insects
  • abdl
  • Second person


Things I enjoy in general:

  • canon universe stuff (with small divergences like: no character dies).
    • Which is to say, that if a fandom is in costume, I like my porn to be with corsets and crinolines as well!
  • I enjoy non-con and dub-con a lot
  • manipulation, gas lighting and grooming
  • unsafe sex practices
  • rough sex acts
  • one of the two is in a position of power over the other
    • teacher/student
    • mother/daughter
    • owner/slave
    • etc...
  • hate sex
  • older woman / younger woman
  • poly / threesomes / orgies / more people the better.
  • pegging
  • mommy kink
  • one is dressed the other isn't
  • hair pulling
  • verbal humiliation & dirty talk
  • humiliation in general
  • friends with benefits
  • open relationships
  • alternate universe - historical
  • infidelity

Not particularly like

These aren't fast and hard rules like DNWs, not even something I actively dislike. It's just stuff that doesn't do a lot for me so if you put it in your work just don't give it central stage.

But I do not need them to be enforced like a DNW and wouldn't ruin a gift for me if they were sprinkled in.

  • virginity kink
  • kink negotiations
  • aftercare
  • shibari
  • service tops
  • fantasy elements (magic, elves, monsters, stuff like that) unless they are part of the canon

Fandom Specific

Vlogging Anna/Alex

I'm putting it here already knowing that this won't match with literally anyone, but anything about these two chess professional ladies would make me really happy.

While I'm generally all for darker kinks (as you can see by my likes) I'd prefer something lighter and fluffier for those two.


Please go ahead and go crazy with Shakespeare. Any AU or canon is great (as long as they are not in the general DNWs, so: college and high school aus)

The Queen's Gambit

No specific stuff here. Go crazy.

Black Sails

No specific stuff here, but doubling down on the no death DNWs. Please do not remind me that Miranda or Eleanor are dead because I live my fandom life in denial.

I'd love to see pirate!miranda or pirate!abigail (or both)


No specific stuff here. Go crazy.

Thank you for reading!